Fun and learning add up to a perfect 10 in this eloquent but wordless counting book. Bright pictures tell the story: each car on the train has one more zoo animal than the one before it, and all arrive happily at the zoo in a dramatic foldout finale.

“1,2,3 To the Zoo,” from PaperStar/Penguin Putnam, features Eric Carle’s delightful collage illustrations. Tiny tots can follow an animal train on its way to the zoo, with six crocodiles, seven seals and eight monkeys. Dazzling.”
Copley News Service, February 8, 1999

“Each car of a zoo-bound train contains a different number of vibrant, stylized animals; their destination is depicted in a fold-out finale.”

-Publisher’s Weekly, June 8, 1990

“An Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children. Joyously colored animals riding on a train to the zoo offer youngsters a first introduction to numbers, number sets, addition and counting. A gatefold spread at the back of the book featuring the whole animal train adds to the fun!”

-National Minority Review/ Minority Employment and Education, Fall 1998