Status: Out of Print

Many people ask Eric Carle how he makes his pictures. Klutz Press and Eric Carle got together to answer that question in this simple how-to book, featuring 72 full-color printed tissue papers painted by Eric Carle with instructions and inspirations and even a bit of encouragement for those in a bit of need.

“For art of a different sort, You can Make a Collage is an excellent introduction by Eric Carle of Very Hungry Caterpillar fame. The book includes 72 sheets of multi-colored tissue paper and straightforward directions, including one on using leftover scraps. A great activity for winter days indoors!”
– Virginia Parent News, November 3, 1998

“Eric Carle fans of all ages can become collage artists too, under the friendly guidance of the master himself. You can Make a Collage, by Eric Carle, published by Klutz, Inc., comes with 72 sheets of patterned tissue paper, each a different design originally painted for this project by Carle. In the back of the book are sheets of blank, white, coated cardstock, to serve as background for collage pictures. There are step-by-step instructions for creating a few images, but once the basics have been demonstrated, creativity is left up to the reader.”
– Arts and Activities, October, 1998

“Eric Carle’s You can Make a Collage includes 72 removable sheets of tissue, reproductions of sheets that Carle painted. He demonstrates a few collages but emphasizes that kids should be original.”
– Publishers Weekly, October 5, 1998