Yes. But there are many kinds of artists. At one end of the spectrum are commercial artists, people such as advertising artists or graphic designers, who have a client to work for, a product to illustrate and a deadline. I worked as an advertising artist after I graduated from art school.

At the other end of the spectrum are painters or sculptors who are purists, who do what they want when they want. They are usually called “studio artists” or “fine artists” to distinguish them from commercial artists. They may work very hard with their art, but they don’t have a client or deadline.

As a picture-book artist I fall somewhere between the two. I do have a product—my books, and clients — my readers. But like the purists I am able to do my books the way I want, when I want.

But, just because a person is a pure artist, that is no guarantee that his or her work is good. I would prefer the work of a good commercial artist to that of a bad fine artist.