I have often fantasized about being a chef.

I think it would be fun to wear a white apron and a chef’s hat and cook up a delicious meal!

When I was a boy, we lived in Germany with my mother’s parents and on some Sundays we would go to visit my father’s parents. They lived about a mile away at the most and I remember they were very nice grandparents. My grandmother was a very good cook. There were always things cooking on the stove to test. In the back of the house was a big yard with a garden, apple trees, chickens, rabbits.

My grandmother always had a gift for me. An egg from her chickens, a jar of raspberry jam. She would tell me, “Here, Eric. Have an egg. Give it to your mother to make a pancake for you.”

She was very warm and she cooked a lot. I would go there and she would say: “Sit down. Eat.”

Happy Thanksgiving!