Yes! I have become aware that many of you speak two languages, one at home and another at school. I also speak two languages, English and German.

I was born in Syracuse, New York and I spoke English until I was 6. But then I moved to Germany with my parents who had been born there. I quickly learned German and forgot most of my English. I learned English again in high school and came back to the United States when I was 22, so I know two languages.

Interesting things happen when you know two languages. Occasionally a German word for something will pop into my head and I won’t be able to think of the English word for it. And sometimes it works the other way around.

Probably because I’ve been speaking English exclusively for more than 45 years, I think and dream in English and now it is perhaps better than my German. When I visit Germany, I need to refresh my German, I do that by watching and listening to German television for a few hours and then I’m okay again.